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The Energy Bars available for our Apex systems are much more than a glorified power strip. In fact, this component of your aquarium controller equipment is far more important than most people realize – and not all systems are created equal! It is obvious that this component is key to controlling things on your aquarium, but what is not so apparent is how it is critical to preventing catastrophe in your aquarium. Here’s how.

  • Designed for a USA-style 120V power grid.
  • Eight controllable outlets. Six of these outlets are controlled by super-silent solid-state triacs and are rated at 5A. Two of the outlets are controlled by high-current mechanical relays and are rated at 10A.
  • Each Energy Bar can consume a total of 15A and has a built-in 15A circuit breaker.
  • Six AquaBus connectors so you will have five free to connect to more modules or Energy Bars.

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Add additional control to your Neptune Apex Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8

  • 8 Independently Controlled Outlets 6 rated at 5A@120V AC 2 rated at 10A@120V AC.
  • 16-Gauge, powder-coated aluminum construction – best protection against a catastrophic failure.
  • Energy consumption sent to Apex Controller to better distribute the load.
  • Soft-Start – slowly ramps up power to your pumps/powerheads to help extend the life of the pump.
  • Power Failure Protection.
  • Communication Detection.
  • Pre-programmed Failsafe State.
  • Extra AquaBus Connections.


We have put a lot of thought into the construction of our Energy Bars. Unlike our competitors and simple power strips, our Energy Bars are made out of 16 gauge, powder-coated aluminum.


The Energy Bars continually send their information on their present current drain to the Apex controller. This is incredibly useful information for a number of reasons.


Each of the independently controlled outlets on the Energy Bar are independently switched and easily carry the current load specified on the label. In fact, we intentionally underrate our outlets just to provide that extra level of security.


The Energy Bars continually send their information on their present current drain to the Apex controller. This is incredibly useful information for a number of reasons. First, it enables you to recognize what the overall power consumption is on any Energy Bar so that you can better distribute the load across your multiple Energy Bars. Also by having this feature you can accurately determine the power utilization of your tank to compare different lights, pumps, skimmers, etc. (Not available on Energy Bar 6)


Imagine revving the engine in your car and dropping the shifter from P to D. That is exactly what happens when many controllers turn on the power to your pumps. Just like in a car, this kind of instantaneous application of power to your return pump after a feed cycle or to your power heads will certainly lead to early failure. With the Energy Bar, power is slowly ramped on so that every motor is safely brought up to speed without the damaging torque.


Each Energy Bar outlet can be configured to be either in an off or on state if the power were to fail and then come back on or if there was a communication failure with the Apex base unit. This means that if, for instance, your heater was on when the power went off, you could have it programmed to be off until control was reestablished with the Apex base unit. Or, as another example, you could program your main return pump to always be in the on position in case of failure.


Each Energy Bar has additional connectors so that you can easily expand to other modules. This is very helpful for those that want to use one Apex to control multiple aquariums. The Energy Bar becomes an AquaBus “hub” at any location you choose – allowing you to connect more modules in that area. This is called a “star topology” and is unique to the Apex. Many other controllers require you to daisy chain together every module or they require you to buy a separate “hub” to connect everything together.

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