///Lab Grade ORP Probe

Lab Grade ORP Probe


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Lab Grade Probes tend to last longer, give more accurate results, stay calibrated longer, and need replaced less frequently. Start monitoring ORP, replace your ORP probe or add one for another tank.

  • The ORP probe is a lab grade probe that comes with a 10 foot coax cable
  • The ORP probe has a precision of 1mv
  • The ORP probe has a platinum band electrode and the connector is a standard BNC

Out of stock

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Buy this probe if you are:

  • You measure ORP in your aquarium with an Apex System or a PM1 module.
  • Replacing a worn out ORP probe (we recommend you replace your Lab Grade ORP probe every 18-24 months).
  • Adding another tank to your system, want to measure ORP in it, and purchased a PM1 to do so.
  • Want to have a back-up probe on hand.

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